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Updated all the PHP site-wide to use mysqli instead of the deprecated mysql_query functions...should get rid of a lot of error messages and make sure nothing breaks in the near future...[]


Fixed the site, finally. A few years back they upgraded the server, and that reset a few things. But stuff should now work better. I'm also working on some more stuff...to be announced...[]


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I'm still alive...[]


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Tweaked the site layout a bit...[]


Been a while since an update...wow.

I've added a quick & dirty search feature to the Games collection. More a convenience for myself than anything else...[]


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Been a while...I've been doing periodic updates, especially to the Collections pages. In fact, I've just today reformatted the Records collection to a new, more informative look. I've recently acquired a large volume of 78rpm shellac records, so I'll be adding them in as I can. It's not always possible to find dates for records this old, but thankfully Discogs is a treasure-trove of information. Stay tuned...[]


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Updated the Video Game List page! Still need to fill in a few release years, etc., but much improved! Also added a collections page for Records...[]


Oh man, you guys, I am very close to having the Video Game Collection list completely remodeled...it's gonna be awesome. Okay, it's gonna be pretty much the same, at first, although it'll be much easier for me to maintain. But still, it'll be awesome...[]


Feel like such a boss...upgraded News Feed to group it by year, with quick links. Very, very happy ninja...[]


Working on converting over my video game collection list to PHP/MySQL, although this will be a much bigger project. But it must be done, for my own sanity's sake....[]


Just upgraded the News Feed to run on PHP and MySQL instead of a plain text document. #feellikeaboss...[]


Updated the Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64 pages with some new games/software I've gotten over the past few months. Still working on my big plans for the blog/site. More news soon...[]


Updated the Art/Comics gallery with a lot more Atari art, including some stuff I've been doing on my Atari ST computer. Check it out...[]


Bit of a quick update: as stated before, I plan to make the Blog a regularly-updated feature again as soon as possible. My idea is to focus on specific games more than general concepts. We'll see how that pans out in practice.

Also, you'll notice I added a link to my nearly-unused Tumblr page in the Navbar. Been updating that more often lately as well...planning a lot of big stuff for this year...[]


Happy New Year, everyone! Got big plans for this year. Want to make good on my promise to blog regularly, for one thing. Stay tuned. Hopefully this won't be the top news story for long...[]


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Aww yeah, guys...I just got an Atari Lynx handheld system with 20 game cartridges. Totally psyched. Game collection list updated.

Oh yeah...also got an NES and a GameBoy...but I'm still an Atari guy at heart...[]


Hey guys, the Blog is back in business. I'll be updating it as regularly as I can, hopefully at least thrice a week. It's also good to check out my Twitter feed and Facebook page...[]


Big news! You can now access this site by going to http://jtthe.ninja! I consider this a win for all ninja-kind...[]


Updated Video Game Collection. Moved Gallery to its own page and updated several of the images to make them current. Will be doing some major revision in the future...[]


Added a new section to Collections: Retro Computing...[]


Updated video game collection list with recently added games, including Turbografx-16. Aww yeah...[]


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Added Collections; some pages are still under construction, but at least you can now view my video game collection...[]


Fixed the stylesheets; working on some more content. Stay tuned...[]


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Breaking update: you can now access this site by going to www.YouWinOneInternet.com...I think I just won myself an Internet...[]


Currently on vacation in Montréal, but I found time to update the store, organizing all products into sections to make browsing easier...[]


I've added several new products to the store; enjoy...[]

In other news, updated the site background graphic so that my left arm looks less out-of-proportion. Thank you, GIMP...[]


Added a link to my ancient Cafepress.com store. View at your own risk...some of the goods are very old, but some are as new as today: behold...

Done in a combination of Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile for Kindle Fire, gimp, Inkscape, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Yeah, it's cool...[]


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Working on some new stuff...continue to check out my Blog in the meanwhile...[]


Added a "Like" button to the page, so you can share JTtheNinja.com with your Facebook friends...[]

EDIT: Also added a Tweet button, just because...[]


Updated the About JT page with some more information about me and links to some of my favourite sites. Will likely update this in the future with something like a "Frequently Asked Questions" section, but we'll see...

Also added a link on the Navbar to my YouTube page. Just be warned; many of the videos there are several years old...[]


Even more site updates...I've removed the old <iframe> layout and replaced it with a frame-less version. Frames are so '90s, anyway...


Quite a few hiccoughs this afternoon as I updated the linkbar. Hope nobody noticed. You'll also see now a link to the RSS feed for my blog. []


Hard to believe the site's been up for almost two weeks already. Been attempting to post to my blog every day (minus Sundays). Thinking up new content to add to the site; epicness will ensue...[]


The site is now live and my blog is now open...hello world. []


Happy birthday to me. That is all.


I'm still working on creating this page. Patience is a virtue, young ninja trainee. You must master the art of lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis sagittis augue diam, nec placerat enim. Morbi aliquam viverra quam eu tincidunt. Donec malesuada tempor arcu, a posuere orci sollicitudin eu. Nunc vestibulum ante at mi pulvinar tempor. Mauris et massa vel massa pellentesque cursus id in lorem. Nullam tincidunt volutpat viverra.


I have purchased the domain www.jtttheninja.com. Finally. It is mine. I hereby declare that the formal capitalization shall be www.JTtheNinja.com. Remember it well, young ninja trainee.

There should be news above me.


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