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Here's where I'll put a gallery of various other things I collect.

This page is still under construction.

Tang Soo Do

I tested for 4th dan in Tang Soo Do under the International Tang Soo Do Federation on July 12, 2013 (awarded November 9, 2013). I have been training in TSD since June 1999; hence, it's a pretty big part of my life.

4th dan certificate

My 4th dan certificate

Over the years, I've competed in several of the National All-Martial Arts Tournaments sponsored by the ITF, so I've built a bit of a trophy collection:

trophy collection

Back row (left to right):

Middle row (left to right):

Front row (left to right):

You'll also see a number of medals hung on some of the trophies. These were awarded at various fundraising tournaments, mostly for breaking as well.

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