The Serathi people, who call themselves Nudhin, "Star-Folk," occupy a peninsula in the northeast of i Áhne, separated from the main mass of the continent by a narrow isthmus. For this reason, the peoples of the Four Kingdoms of the Serathi have seldom been invaded and have never been conquered by an outside force. The peninsula is divided in half, east from west, by a mountain range.

The Four Kingdoms of the Serathi —  Serathi Nualonde, Serathi Corvilor, Silethi Suthemothan, and Tis Dovor — are laregely autonomous, though they are united by a common language and by ancient treaties, whereby a High King is chosen every eight years.

The Serathi, largely because of their isolation and lack of external threats, have the oldest tradition of learning on the continent. Their knowledge of arts — scientific, creative, and arcane —  have given them a mixed reputation, especially among those in Ahneben. They are renowned as scholars by some and feared as mystics and magicians by others. According to legend, their land was once joined to the rest of i Áhne directly, until their magicians used ancient arts to cause the Gulf of Serathi to grow and widen, leaving only a small land-bridge to connect them.

Regardless, many Ahnedan study under Serathi teachers, many learning the language much as students on Earth learn Latin.

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