Avihalli - The Ancient Tongue

Athanire History

Avihalli, meaning "like water," was the language first spoken by the Athanire people upon their coming to the planet. Whatever languages they had spoken before their sudden removal from Earth were forgotten, their old tongues exchanged for a new one. From Avihalli descended the tongues of the Tegirenai and Vihal; after their estrangement from the original group, the languages of the Crilatsecal and Gurdagun became likewise estranged.

External History

This was the first conlang I ever attempted to create, when I was about 13 or 14 (1999-2000). Having been a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings since the age of ten, I naturally wanted to emulate him in the creation of languages. Of course I'd had at the time no training in linguistics nor any real study of how conlangs are constructed. I don't think I'd even yet encountered Mark Rosenfelder's excellent Language Construction Kit, and it undoubtedly shows.

Of course, given it was my first attempt, the language never developed very far beyond a few dozen words and some basic grammar. When I returned to conlanging, in 2001, I decided that I had best start anew, using Avihalli as perhaps an older version of the language that was to become Tigerian. The original five sheets of paper that comprised my entire work on Avihalli have been lost, but fortunately I had the forethought to scan them. They are available on the Manuscript page.

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