Avihalli - Manuscript

Below are scans of the original five pages of words and grammar I created for Avihalli.


The alphabet is the same as Tegirenai, and of course was mostly just a poor imitation of Tolkien's cirth and tengwar. Vowels use rounded shapes, but consonants use a vertical stem plus a "branch," the design of which puts it into a particular category. As I had not studied phonology, I just sounded out the consonants and grouped them as seemed best to me at the time. Adding a ˜ mark to the top of the branch indicates the "+h" version, i.e. sh, th, etc.

A a E e I i O o U u W w Y y
B bC cF fL lG gS sQ q
D dK* kH hR rJ jZ zV v
P p T t M mSH çX x
  TH þ N n  

* Not used by Avihalli or Tegirenai words, but used sometimes in transliterating English words.
† These letters are not used in Tegirenai. The "Q" character, q, is used in one word on the manuscript, but as I did not follow it with a U, I possibly meant to write S (s) instead.

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