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Arehadeina Tegirenai

The Tigerian year is very similar to the Earth year; its length is 365.25 days. This means that the Tigerian calendar remains synchronized with the Julian calendar. In normal years, Tigerian New Year is February 17, and in years after a leap year Tigerian New Year is February 18. However, since the Julian calendar is slowly gaining extra days relative to the Gregorian calendar in use today, Tigerian New Year moves forward one day every century not divisible by 400.This means that March 2, 2003 will see the beginning of the Tigerian year 1600, and March 2 will continue to be the new year until 2101, when it will shift to March 3.

A Tigerian year is divided into ten numbered months, Tenadena (Tenadena), Aladena (Aladena), Haladena Haladena), Lasadena (Lasadena), Henadena (Henadena), Nemadena (Nemadena), Latadena (Latadena), Hafadena (Hafadena), Furinadena (Furinadena), and Airadena (Airadena). All the months have 40 days, except for Airadena which has five in regular years and six in leap years. Airadena is a month of celebration before the new year begins.

The Tigerian week has ten days. They are Runarehana (Runarehana), Setunarehana (Setunarehana), Denarehana (Denarehana), Rilarehana (Rilarehana), Atharehana (Aþarehana), Avalinarehana (Avalinarehana), Vuanarehana (Vuanarehana), Halevarehana (Halevarehana), Rasoanarehana (Rasoanarehana), and Rusinarehana (Rusinarehana). Atharehana, the middle of the week, is the day most churches hold their main service. On Atharehana, as well as on Runarehana and Rusinarehana, schools and businesses are closed. Weekend activities range from carefree games to pious religious observance.

Any year which is divisible by 4 is a leap year, which pushes the date of Tigerian New Year forward one day in the Julian calendar. Since progression has pushed Tigerian New Year after 29 February in the Gregorian calendar, leap years no longer affect the date of Tigerian New Year.

Date Converter

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Example: July 28 1414 gives 33 Lasadenanai 1011.

Note: because of the algorithms, dates before March 19 404 / 1 Tenadenanai 1 may be in error. Also, dates very far in the future may be in error because of mathematical limitations.

I am forever indebted to my friend Shihali Ramichu of the Retika Empire for this gift.

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